We're convinced grace will revolutionize the world

Grace is giving someone better than they deserve. It’s what God has given us in Jesus, and it’s what we aim to give to the city around us. It’s God’s grace that heals wounds, that transforms neighborhoods, and that raises our hearts to the highest form of humanity. Grace can bring beauty out of ugliness, can reconcile all differences, and one day will be the rule and norm of the entire cosmos.

God’s dealings with humanity have always been colored by grace—He’s always given us better than we deserve—and the brilliant climax of His grace is seen in His Son Jesus. Though Jesus helped make the world and all that’s in it, He laid aside all His privilege to become like us humans. He changed us from the inside, transforming the very nature that is humanity by giving us direct access to God Almighty.

So we are a church that clings to grace. Our Sunday worship and our midweek hubs are devoted to embodying grace, every single week. We celebrate grace when we meet each other for dinner, as we raise our children, and as work in our everyday jobs.

We’re here for grace, which means we’re here for you, whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done. You are welcome here. We hope to meet you soon.

Where to find us

  • We meet at 10a on Sundays at 8915 Timberside Dr, 77025

  • Our midweek groups meet in homes in the area (here's a map)


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