Grace will redeem the world. Grace can change your life.

We’re convinced grace is the secret to the universe. Grace is the heart of who God is, so it’s at the heart of all He’s made and is doing. Grace is God’s active impulse to pursue His kids and give them better than they deserve, even when they’re straying, even when they’re running, even when they’re hurting, even when they’ve made themselves His enemies.

Grace is the way of Jesus. So grace is what Jesus’s people give each other and all their neighbors—it’s what we cling to and embody and long for and celebrate every Sunday and every week. This is why we believe that questions are good, that Jesus loves doubters, that love up close is infinitely better than love from afar, that we find Jesus in the people around us, that God cries with and for us, that we need each other, that mercy beats judgment, that darkness is dying, that life beats death, and that love will win.

Grace is often scary. It makes us vulnerable, and it feels unnatural. But grace is also powerful. Grace transforms and redeems. Grace changes our relationships, politics, world, and hearts. And one day grace will be the rule and norm of the entire universe. Grace is coming.

Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, whatever you’ve done, grace is here for you. We are here for you. You are welcome with us. We hope to meet you soon.

Where to find us

  • We meet at 10a on Sundays at 8915 Timberside Dr, 77025

  • Our midweek groups meet in homes in the area (here's a map)


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