Sunday mornings

Just about everyone around here serves somewhere on Sunday mornings a few times per month. Regardless of your interests and skills, there's some way you can help us on Sunday mornings too:


The hospitality team serves before Sunday services by greeting and connecting with Redemption's guests. Their goal is to help everyone who visits feel like they're right at home with us.


The audio/visual team runs the sound board and projector for Sunday services. Their goal is to help Redemption be able to worship without distraction each week.


Everything we do here is, at heart, a spiritual task. So we need prayer, lots of it, all the time. We're gathering from 9-9:30a every Sunday and serving Redemption by praying for our church, our guests, our city, and Christ's work of redemption throughout the world.


The kids team runs age-appropriate classrooms, for infants through elementary school, during Sunday services. Their goal is to share the hope of Jesus with all the little ones here at Redemption. You can read more about our kids ministry here.

Note: all volunteers for the kids team must go through a background check and personal interview prior to serving.

Music team

The music team sings and plays music during the worship services on Sunday mornings. Their goal is to provide an environment that encourages Redemption's pursuit of deep spirituality, of communion with our God and each other.

Beyond Sundays


Have you ever thought about leading one of our HUB groups? These are the lifeblood of Redemption church, so we provide great training and help along the way. If you're interested in taking this on, even if it might be a little ways down the road, don't be shy.

HBU Monday Nights

The HUB group that meets on Monday nights at Houston Baptist University has lots of students as well as several adult volunteers. This is a great opportunity to encourage and connect with college kids who are trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus, just like the rest of us.

HBU Lunchables

Besides serving the HBU students on Monday nights, we also pair them with local adults who serve as something like an adopted family throughout the year. We feed them and check in on them, doing whatever we can to encourage these students and build healthy relationships.


Several times a year we hold special events here at Redemption, usually on Friday nights or Saturday mornings. These events require extra planning and help to execute, from getting supplies to setting everything up to making sure we've thought of all the little details ahead of time.

Other ideas of how you could help us?

We love new ideas, so if you see something that we could do better or see some way you'd like to contribute around here, we'd love to hear from you.

Where would you like to help?

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Redemption serves Houston through strategic partnerships

Church Under the Bridge

We bring gospel hope to the homeless with Church Under the Bridge. We regularly serve this homeless ministry through our HUB groups. Every month we have two groups that serve, one in person by serving food, putting on the church service, and praying with those present, and the other by sending food and praying for all involved. Find out more information about Church Under the Bridge here.

Refugee Welcome Team

We have partnered with Refugee Services of Texas ( to help refugee families who are in their first three months of living in the US. These refugees have moved to Houston from Burma, Bhutan, Iraq, Somalia, Syria, and many other places. We serve as a welcome team whose goal is to help them become self-sufficient in those first few months, by helping them with social security cards, school registration for their kids, job searches, transportation, etc.

Mentor an Elementary Schooler

Our mentorship program is a special opportunity to love our neighborhood. You will meet weekly with two students, ages 4-11, for 30 minutes each during school hours. You will be able to form a meaningful connection with a student as you guide them in understanding their potential by becoming a consistent source of encouragement in their life. Complete the form below for more information and we will be in touch soon!

Community Partnership with Longfellow Elementary School

We love teachers! And several times a year we get to show that love through our partnership with Longfellow Elementary School. Each spring and fall semester we serve lunch for the teachers, assist with projects around the school and take part in their fall festival. If you have a heart for teachers or would like to serve our Houston school system, please fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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