Welcome to Redemption, a church that's crazy about Jesus

Redemption is a brand new church inside the inner loop in Houston that held its Grand Opening in April 2014. We are a group of people enamored with Jesus. We've learned that the redemption found in him is better than anything else in life. He is slowly redeeming and transforming us, and we hope you'll come join us.

If you're new here, have a look at  who it is we want to be. Then think about joining us Sundays for Worship or on weeknights as we gather in HUBs. If you have any questions, you can always Contact Us.

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Where to find us

  • We meet at 10a on Sundays at 8915 Timberside, 77025
  • Our mid-week HUB groups meet in homes around the area.

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Our latest sermons

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Sharing is Caring (1 Thessalonians 2:1-13)

Is it loving to evangelize? If so, under what circumstances? Didn't the guys in the Bible just show up and preach truth without regard for anything else? This week we looked at Paul's experience in the town of Thessalonica as a model for our own evangelism.

Living an Upside Down Life (Mark 10:32-45)

What does it look like to follow Jesus if the world is upside down? What does it look like for our lives to be right-side upped? This week we got practical.

Resurrection as Right-side Upping (John 12:20-36)

The resurrection of Jesus is an event that turned the world upside down. It reverses our values, radically transforms our conception of God, and inaugurates a new world order. This Easter we celebrated God's upside down ways.

What we're doing

Every Sunday at 10a. We had our Grand Opening on April 6, and now we keep gathering every Sunday for worship.

Weekday evenings. HUB groups are the "hub" of everything we do—they are central to life at Redemption Church. They're where our lives interconnect with others and we wrestle with what it means to follow Jesus. Sign up to join a HUB group here.

Upcoming events. We have several events happening this Spring, including a Vision Night, a discussion of God and Evil, Redemption's DNA, and Nights of Worship and Prayer. Find out more info here.

For more info. Explore the website. Check out our vision page on who we are and who we hope to become. Come check us out in person. Or contact us if you need more information.


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Over and over, I'm tempted to run from Jesus. Sure He's forgiving. Sure He's merciful. Sure He died for my sins. But I'm tempted to run from Him because I forget that it's in Him that all my transformation takes place. I forget that I don't have to clean myself up before coming back to Him. I forget that He's the one that cleans me up by cleaning Himself up even when He didn't need cleaning up.

Beauty is its own argument, for as much as we ignore or deny or question its power, we melt in its presence. Human hearts may be nearly impossible to change; but beauty changes them. Beauty pierces us. Beauty reorients our values and purposes. It can drive us and inspire us. Beauty, weak as it may seem, has the power to do what almost nothing else can.

Why Hasn't Anyone Told Me This Before?

It was a normal Monday night. But then again, it wasn't. I found myself writing on a paper bag, sharing about something that has deeply moved me, hearing a startling question, and witnessing a miracle.