So We Started A Church

Waiting. And waiting some more—for the mess that is this world to be fixed by the One who claims to love it so much. All we do is wait. But wait we will, because we believe that God is in the business of turning messes into masterpieces. He is in the business of making beauty out of ugly things. So we started a church.

We wait, but we wait expectantly. And as we wait, even here and now, we see glimpses of His transformative grace. He is making things new. He is making minds, hearts, consciences, and entire lives new. He is making people, families, and eventually the whole world new. So we started a church.

We want to see these glimpses and glimmers of light in a dark world more and more. We want to see our own lives more fully transformed. We want to see the dark areas in our own hearts, minds, and consciences overcome with His light. We want those who live around us and have already experienced bits and pieces of transformation to see even more of it. And, more than anything, we want to see those who are most hurt and broken around us to begin to experience this redemption. Here and now. In Houston, Texas. Not just in the suburbs, but even inside the loop. Even in that highly secular, highly diverse center of this vast city. So we started a church.

God has begun to open our eyes to His light that has come to us in Jesus Christ, and we want those around us to have their eyes further opened. Most of all, we want those who remain completely blinded to the light to have their eyes opened. If they’d lend us their eyes, we’d open them for them. Until then, we want to do everything else we possibly can to point them to the light. So we started a church.

God is already working in the world, and He is doing it through His church. Despite the (deservedly) bad reputation the church sometimes holds, God’s Spirit is working and empowering change through the church in a unique way. So we started a church.

Houston already has many good churches, and God is working in countless lives through them. But over half of Houston’s population and about 2/3 of our target area in the inner loop is non-Christian, and the single most effective way to evangelize is to start churches. So we started a church.

Will you help us?

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