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We are a church that wants union with Christ for absolutely everyone.

To know Christ. To live in Him. To be filled with His Spirit. To have communion with Him and His Father. These are what it means to have union with Him. When we have union with Him, His death counts for ours, resurrection, etc. (What we experience: freedom, joy, power, presence, reality, new fam, hope, glory—grace.)

This is what we want for ourselves. And it’s what we long to see for absolutely everyone around us.

Since we started in 2014, we’ve become a church with great sundays, groups, kids, youth, college, band, etc.

Better together; collaboration in leadership

So we are a radically-inclusive, society-redefining, Jesus-glorifying, Spirit-filled church. And we think that’s just what Jesus intended.

We’re a church that believes that questions are good, that Jesus loves doubters, that love from afar is deceptively easy, that we find Jesus in the people around us, that God cries with and for us, that we need each other, that mercy beats judgment, that darkness is dying, that life beats death, that justice is coming, and that love will win. Redemption strives to be a church that embodies the patience, love, action, and grace of Jesus.


We are united by these convictions that drive everything we do:

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Jesus. Incarnation. Grace.
Redemption. Essentials. Truth.
Unity. Multiplication. Love.
Relationships. Action. Vulnerability.
Justice. Sharing. Hope. Purpose.
Inclusion. Exploration. Encounter.


Everything starts with Jesus. He’s not just any Jesus (there are lots of those), but He’s the eternal Son of God, who’s just like His Father in every way. He’s the One who created us in the first place, and He became like us in order to transform us. He died for us, physically resurrected, and is coming back for us. This Jesus is the only hope of the world.

Everything comes down to being united with Jesus. We want that for ourselves, for each other, and for absolutely everyone around us. Being united with Him puts us right with God, begins to transform us, and will ultimately lead to our resurrection when He renews all of creation.


Humans long for deep spirituality because on some level we all know that we were made to live in God's presence. We do not defend or celebrate lifeless intellectual propositions. We defend and celebrate that in Jesus we have access to God the Father through the powerful Holy Spirit.


Exploration + Encounter



Our faith is founded on a small but essential kernel of teachings from Jesus: Jesus the God-man came from heaven to become human for us sinful humans, died for us, got up for us, and is coming back to restore all things. Without embracing this kernel, you can't properly relate to God, so it's our primary focus in all we do.








Free transformation, not because of our own hard work, our own bright ideas, our good intentions, or anything else we might conjure up, not as a reward, payback, or any kind of wage—this transformation is only a gift. We are crazy about the bits and pieces that we’ve already seen, and we’ll do almost anything to see more.


Jesus did not die just to give us a personal, private relationship with God. He died to fix all that is wrong with the world, including our relationships, which can now be characterized by honesty and forgiveness instead of self-preservation and hiding. We’re fighting to live into these relationships we were made for.