We're here for love. That's it. Really.

In early 2013, the idea of starting Redemption Church united Zack McCoy, Todd Parish, their wives, and a small group of friends. By that summer we were meeting every Sunday to pray and talk about our dreams for Redemption and for Houston. In early 2014 we finally held our first public worship services, held at first on Sunday evenings. By September 2014 we moved to mornings, and here we are, still pursuing that same dream—a church that offers grace to absolutely anyone, a church where absolutely anyone can explore and encounter Jesus.

We’re convinced God is a loving, joy-filled being who is in the process of turning all that’s ugly and broken in the world into beauty. We’re convinced He’s doing this primarily through His Son Jesus. His love turns our priorities on their heads, makes us selfless lovers of everyone around us, teaches us to be connoisseurs of all that’s beautiful and hopeful, and makes room for every kind of person from every kind of background.

God’s love has captivated us, and we want to see it transform every life in Houston.

We care intensely about being transformed into the kinds of people God wants us to be—we want to our lives to be the kinds of lives He intended for them to be. That won't happen fully for a while yet, but we want to pursue this kind of transformation with everything we have. This is the whole reason Redemption Church exists. We think God is in the business of transforming ugliness into beauty. We want to see Him work His magic in each one of our own lives, in the lives of those all around us, and in the lives of people throughout Houston and the world.

To see in a bit more detail how and why we're dreaming what we're dreaming, have a look at our mission and values below. Also be sure to read about our beliefs. If after looking at those, you still have questions of what we're all about, we'd love to hear from you. Please contact us

We've started one church, but we're not done.

Our next big goal is to help start more churches. More specifically, we want to start another church right here in Houston by sending out a church planter, lots of our own people, and $50,000. The church will be autonomous and independent, a new church in a new neighborhood, for the same purpose of seeing Jesus work His magic in more people. We're already training people toward that end and saving toward that goal, so now we're praying for God to send the right planter at the right time.

Substantially helping start another church so soon is a big goal for a little church like us, but we're committed to doing everything we can to make it happen. We love Houston. We think Houston needs more and more Jesus. What else could we possibly do besides love our great city by planting more churches?


Everything comes down to being united with Jesus. We want that for ourselves, for each other, and for absolutely everyone around us. Being united with Him puts us right with God, begins to transform us, and will ultimately lead to our resurrection when He renews all of creation.

Everything starts with Jesus. He’s not just any Jesus (there are lots of those), but He’s the eternal Son of God, who’s just like His Father in every way. He’s the One who created us in the first place, and He became like us in order to transform us. He died for us, physically resurrected, and is coming back for us. This Jesus is the only hope of the world.

Free transformation, not because of our own hard work, our own bright ideas, our good intentions, or anything else we might conjure up, not as a reward, payback, or any kind of wage—this transformation is only a gift. We are crazy about the bits and pieces that we’ve already seen, and we’ll do almost anything to see more.

Our faith is founded on a small but essential kernel of teachings from Jesus: Jesus the God-man came from heaven to become human for us sinful humans, died for us, got up for us, and is coming back to restore all things. Without embracing this kernel, you can't properly relate to God, so it's our primary focus in all we do.

Humans long for deep spirituality because on some level we all know that we were made to live in God's presence. We do not defend or celebrate lifeless intellectual propositions. We defend and celebrate that in Jesus we have access to God the Father through the powerful Holy Spirit.

Jesus did not die just to give us a personal, private relationship with God. He died to fix all that is wrong with the world, including our relationships, which can now be characterized by honesty and forgiveness instead of self-preservation and hiding. We’re fighting to live into these relationships we were made for.

The love that we celebrate is more than strong feelings—it is the love that was modeled by Jesus the God-man. He died for us, and now we want to love each other, even though it means abandoning our own interests for the sake of others.

The hope we have is not for us only. This is the hope of the world, so we will work tirelessly, night and day, caring nothing for rest or comfort, as long as there are hurting people around us in need of our savior. We want everyone around us to share in hope, to make our hope their hope, for their joy and God's glory.