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Community Day with Longfellow Elementary

We're working hard to build a long-term relationship with the elementary school right across the street from us. We want to love them, encourage them, and have Christ's kingdom come near to them. So Saturday morning 4/22 we're gathering at Longfellow to perform light maintenance, gardening, and beautification for their campus. They're inviting all of their kids and families as well as their faculty. It's a great chance to serve our neighborhood and meet our neighbors!

Night of Worship with New Revelation Voices

Friday April 28, 7p. New Revelation Voices, a gospel choir from Houston Baptist University, will lead us in a night of worship. This event is hosted by our Vine college ministry which will be kicking off its spring retreat that night. All are welcome. Come worship Jesus with us!

The Church Under the Bridge

The last Tuesday of every month at 7p, our HUBs partner with the Church Under the Bridge to feed the homeless and help provide them a church service. Every HUB will help a few times a year. If you're not in a HUB or want to go extra, let us know!

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