Sunday Mornings: Worship & Waffles

Every Sunday, 6th-12th grade students gather for authentic community, a relevant message, worship and waffles at 10 AM. We explore what it means to have real hope in Jesus by becoming a life-long follower of Him.

Who We Are

Nearly 50% of students “drop out” of church after high school, with many feeling it was not relevant or there was no investment in their life. That’s why we work hard at making Sundays relevant to our students. We have made it our passion and our commitment to help you develop a long-term relationship with Jesus and His church that will flourish beyond your years in high school.

We have a commitment to talk about experiences relevant to today’s young people – including dating and sex, self-image, identity, depression and anxiety, and topics discerning God’s will for the future.  We will focus on a new relevant topic each month.

Investing in students is one of our strongest convictions and greatest joys. We work hard to create a safe place where you can explore how to build a foundation in Jesus as you navigate the complexities of life.