Pastors & Staff

Brandon Alred - Oversees Discipleship


A native Houstonian, Brandon met and fell in love with his wife Gabby at the College of Biblical Studies in 2005. They were married in October of 2009. Brandon earned his Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Moody Bible Institute before going on to earn his Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary. Gabby currently works as a Registered Nurse at Methodist Hospital in Houston’s Medical Center. Together they own and operate a boutique fitness gym north of downtown. The gym offers an opportunity to develop and foster relationships with their neighbors while offering them an avenue for improving their health and overall quality of life.

Brandon clings to the hope found in Jesus. A hope that believes there is restoration for a broken world, and for broken people like him. A restoration that takes dead things and brings them back to life. He believes that this hope can only be found in the God who defeated our suffering and death by entering into it. And that this hope is not reserved for a select few, but offered to any and all who take their brokenness to Jesus, allowing him to restore all things through his grace. Brandon works to offer additional opportunities for the people of Redemption to grow in their faith through various avenues for spiritual growth and discipleship while also ensuring Redemption thoughtfully and prayerfully offers its best to God in worship each week. Brandon has a heart for helping others to explore their doubts and questions, learn more about God and the scriptures, and implement a deep spirituality in their real lives.

Jenna Tally - Oversees Redemption Kids


Jenna was born and raised in Connecticut. She lived and worked in New York City for several years before returning to school to become a registered nurse. She met her engineer husband Cameron on a mission trip to Guatemala in 2013. They were married in 2015 and are now foster parents! They started attending Redemption Church in 2014.

Jenna is a pediatric nurse and works at a children’s hospital in the Texas Medical Center. She has worked as a nurse for 4 years and also has experience as a school nurse. She loves to volunteer as a camp nurse during the summer.

Jenna graduated from Southern CT State University with a BS in nursing. She also holds a BA from the University of Hartford in the history of art. Jenna’s favorite activities include hiking, camping, visiting museums, creating, and baking pies.

Jenna’s hope for Redemption Kids is that they will experience the love of Jesus in a safe, creative, and engaging environment.

Jordan Rhea - Pastoral Intern


Jordan was born and raised in Conroe, TX. She went to college at the Colorado School of Mines and got a BS in Environmental Engineering. There she met her husband, Kendrick, and they married in 2016. After two and a half years of working in Colorado after graduation, the two moved down to Houston. Jordan is now enrolled in Houston Baptist University, pursuing a Master of Divinity, and Kendrick is a research analyst for East Daley Capital.

Jordan believes in early mornings with coffee, books, and porches, and afternoons with corn hole, BBQ, and football. She also believes in the preciousness of people as individual image bearers of God and in the restoration that community was designed to cultivate. And she believes in the need for humility and sacrifice to bring healing and redemption to every crack of the Earth, every word spoken, every breath breathed, and every moment shared amongst humanity.

Justin Gingrich - Church Planting Resident, Oversees Students


Justin and his wife Alyssa met while working as interns in college one summer and have been married since 2013. Justin is a native Houstonian and Alyssa was born and raised in Sweden and moved to Houston when they got married.

Justin enjoys reading, baseball, crafting epic gourmet burgers, ultimate Frisbee and discovering fun places to eat in Houston with Alyssa. They also enjoy travelling and spending time in Europe whenever they can.

Before Redemption, Justin served on staff at Ecclesia Houston in various organizational and administrative capacities, from small groups and events to outreach ministries. Justin also currently works as a rehabilitation specialist at a community integration program.

Justin graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010. His wife Alyssa works at Texas Children’s Hospital as a social worker.

Mike Haskew - Oversees HUB Groups and Worship


Mike is a native Houstonian, growing up mostly in Fort Bend County. He and his wife Catherine met in college, married in 2006, and have two energetic little boys, Mason and Henry. They love being outside at the park with the kids, making art, and enjoying the best food in the world through Houston’s incredible restaurant scene.

Music has always been a big part of Mike’s life, singing before he could talk, and picking up guitar to lead worship for his youth group in high school. He earned a BA in Music and Christianity at Houston Baptist University, then served as a full-time worship pastor for several years before going back for an MBA and transitioning to a career in healthcare. Mike came to Redemption as a guest worship leader in early 2014 and never left. He and his family have seen God do some incredible things since then.

As a worship leader for Redemption, Mike is striving to write, teach, and lead corporate responses for the church borne out of their shared experience walking in community together.

Zack McCoy - Oversees Preaching and the Staff


Zack grew up in Amarillo, TX, where he met his wife Kim. He graduated from Yale, spent two years in a math PhD program, and worked at a hedge fund and in management consulting before earning a Master of Theology (ThM) from Dallas Theological Seminary. Kim is a Physician Assistant at MD Anderson Cancer Center. They’ve been married since 2005 and have lived in the Houston area since 2009. Their first son, Asher, was born in 2018.

Zack believes that questions are good, that Jesus loves doubters, that love from afar is deceptively easy, that we find Jesus in the people around us, that God cries with and for us, that we need each other, that mercy beats judgment, that darkness is dying, that life beats death, and that love will win. He wants Redemption to be a church that embodies the patience, love, and grace of Jesus.

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Redemption's Council

While the staff above oversee the day to day operations of the church, Redemption also has a Council that provides direction, wisdom, and accountability to the staff. There are currently seven members: 

Deborah Ryan
Mundo de la Fuente
Keri Schadler
Todd Parish
Kate Spinnato
Anna Yoder
Zack McCoy

Church Planters

Redemption wants to plant more churches.

Redemption itself just started in 2014, but we already have big plans to help plant more churches, starting right here in Houston. The world needs Jesus, and the most effective way to spread His hope is starting churches. So we save, every month, putting money back towards our first church plant. Our plan is to host a church planter in residence here at Redemption and to give them at least $50k to get up and going. We've already been saving towards that goal, so now we're praying for God to send the right planter at the right time.

So we're on the lookout for potential church planters.

We're saving money. We're training leaders we hope to send. We have all sorts of mistakes the new church can learn from. But the biggest bottleneck in planting churches is finding church planters. If you or someone you know might be a fit, give us a shout.