Sunday Outline


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Main Text: Matthew 26:26-29

Simple outline:

  • These four Sundays before Christmas are known as Advent, used by the church to remind us of our waiting. We join with God’s people of old who were waiting for God to come. And we do so because we’re still waiting—God has come, but He is still to come.

  • Jesus points ahead to the coming Feast that He will have with His disciples and His Father.

    • This is the Feast we are all longing for. There will be no more pain and no more sorrow. Joy will fulfill our wildest dreams. We will finally belong. We will be clothed with dignity and honor alongside Jesus at His table.

    • Even now, we can experience God’s presence as we anticipate that Feast. When we are with people this Advent, we can let the Spirit remind us that these gatherings are a mere shadow and foretaste of the Feast that Jesus is bringing.

  • Here’s some suggestions for how:

    1) Re-hear the story.

    2) Practice solitude and silence.

    3) Acknowledge the shame.

    4) Have a listening posture.

    5) Embrace the joy and the sorrow.

    6) Be curious.