Sunday Outline


Sunday November 19, 2017

Main text: Psalm 51


  • Who are we? What do we need?
  • Psalm 51:1-6
  • Church history provides us with precious clarity about sin and grace:
    1. Pelagius:
      • As God's image-bearers, we are able to do what God commands
      • Christ redeems us of our past sins and embodied a just way of life
      • We have the ability and the responsibility not to sin; we have no excuses
    2. Augustine:
      • We inherit original sin from Adam (i.e. born with a sin nature) (Romans 5:12)
      • Jesus is the Physician who restores us to what we were before Adam’s sin – so that we are now free both to sin and not to sin
      • God's mercy goes before all our good works
    3. The Council of Ephesus (431 CE) and the Synod of Orange (529 CE) condemned Pelagius' teaching and affirmed Augustine's core teaching on sin and grace
  • Psalm 51:7-17
  • Bottom Line: We're broken, but God recreates us