Sundays are great, but HUB groups are truly transformative

Over and over at Redemption, we get to see God's redemptive power change lives among us—and almost every time that happens, it happens because of the Spirit of Jesus working through our HUB groups. These are the small group gatherings where we ask questions, get to know each other, and figure out what Jesus means for our real lives, here in 21st century Houston. There's something special about how God works in our lives through His people, and these groups are the place for that to happen.

All of our groups do essentially the same thing, with the key differences being time and place. Besides the college-specific groups, they all have a range of ages, marital statuses, and demographics, from 20-somethings to empty nesters. We'd love for you to find one or two that fit your schedule and try them out. If you'll submit the form below, the group leader will contact you with a specific address and whatever other info you need for your first visit.

HUB Details


Leaders: Anna & Angelo Yoder
When: Sundays, 12p-1:30p
Where: the church building (8915 Timberside)
*Childcare available

Leaders: Kim & Zack McCoy
When: Sundays at 5:30p
Where: near W Bellfort and Hillcroft

"The Vine" - for college students
Leaders: Jordan Rhea & Tim Dishong
When: Sundays at 7:00p
Where: HBU campus


Leaders: Deborah Ryan & Jef Sala
When: Tuesdays at 7:30p
Where: Braeswood Place

Leaders: Kyle & Nicole Brown
When: Tuesdays at 6:30p
Where: near Willowbend and Post Oak
*Childcare available every other week

Leaders: Todd & Amanda Parish
When: Tuesdays at 7:30p
Where: near Beechnut and Chimney Rock

Leaders: Mike & Catherine Haskew
When: Wednesdays at 7:00p
Where: Sugar Land (New Territory)


Leaders: Mundo & Kim de la Fuente
When: Wednesdays at 6:30p
Where: near Holcombe and Kirby
*Childcare available

Leaders: Doug & Erika Walker
When: Wednesdays at 7:30p
Where: near S Braeswood and Buffalo Speedway

Leaders: Kate & Kevin Spinnato
When: Wednesdays at 7:00p
Where: the church building (8915 Timberside)

Leaders: Scott & Kristina Ireland
When: Wednesdays at 7:00p
Where: the church building (8915 Timberside)

Leaders: Alyssa & Justin Gingrich
When: Wednesdays at 7:00p
Where: Independence Heights (N Loop @ I45)

Leaders: Jake & Mary Beth McCoy, Cameron & Jenna Tally
When: Wednesdays at 7:00p
Where: Pearland
*Childcare available


Leaders: Brandon & Gabby Alred
When: Mondays at 7:00pm
Where: Near Northside



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Why HUB Groups?

They're the hub of everything we do at Redemption

In general, hubs are central places of activity, places you come back to again and again, and we hope these hub groups are the center of community life at Redemption Church. Where's the first place you go when you need prayer? Your hub. Where do you find deep, meaningful relationships? Your hub. Where do you find other people trying to figure out what it means to live out our faith in this crazy world? Your hub. Where do you invite your friends who need a place to ask questions as they wrestle with Jesus? Your hub. Our hub groups really are meant to be the hubs, the centers of the majority of what we do, for Redemption Church.

They're also the place where we pursue Health, Unity, and Belief

H: Health

Hubs are places where we can work on becoming healthy—primarily spiritually healthy and relationally healthy, but maybe even financially or physically healthy. We care about people. We want people to be cared for and to thrive. And hubs are our primary method of helping individuals move toward health through life transformation.

U: Unity

Besides worrying about our individual health, hubs are a place where we work out the unity that we so highly value as a church. We want to be on the same page, have passions for the same deep things, and pursue the same Jesus. And we do this by focusing on Him and each other more than we focus on ourselves. Hubs are the most natural place that we form the deep relationships that are vital for any person to thrive.

B: Belief

Finally, hubs are the place where belief happens. How do people come to know Jesus at Redemption? Primarily through our hubs. Invite your friends and introduce them to the wonder working God-man. Hubs are a great place to come and ask questions, even the really hard ones you may have.