Square One

Exploring the Foundations of Christianity

  1. When: Sundays. January 22 - February 26. 15 minutes after the worship service.
  2. Where: Redemption Chapel
  3. Childcare: Yes, it will be provided!
  4. Materials: The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler
  5. Format: Seminar-style (i.e. hybrid of teaching and small group discussion)

In Square One, we're focusing on what we believe is essential - so foundational that it's worth building our entire lives on. Come and explore the foundations of Christianity with us. You'll dive deeper into the gospel of God's grace than you ever have before. You'll be deeply challenged. Come deepen your faith by wrestling through questions you never even knew you had.

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What We're Covering

After the 6 Sunday mornings we spend together, our goal is to be personally transformed by this statement:

  1. We want to love God and love people.
  2. But we're broken.
  3. We're helpless to do these things, but God fixes us and helps us in Jesus.
  4. So we trust this helping God.
  5. We put all of our hope in His return.
  6. While we wait, we use all of our discipline and togetherness to fight sin and spread hope in Him.

Redemption's DNA

What Drives Us to Do What We Do at Redemption?

  1. When: Sundays. March 26 - April 9. 15 minutes after the worship service.
  2. Where: Redemption Chapel
  3. Childcare: Yes, it will be provided! Please let us know how many kids you're bringing.
  4. Materials: God with Us by Glenn Kreider (it's $10 at redemptionhou.com/gwu)
  5. Format: Seminar-style (i.e. hybrid of teaching and small group discussion)

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What We're Covering

The goal of Redemption's DNA is that all participants will deeply care about our seven core values, which tell the story of how we hope Redemption Church affects our lives and the live of those all around us:

Everything we do centers on Jesus, the God-man. God has graciously begun to transform us, and we want to see lives all around us transformed by Him. This transformation happens as our faith in the essential truth of Christianity begins to make us alive. This newfound life gives us access to God in a new way so that we can practice truly deep spirituality. This life also allows us to relate to other believers in new kinds of relationships that are characterized by honesty and forgiveness, the kinds of authentic relationships we were made for. These authentic relationships allow us to love with the kind of love that God showed to us in Christ in the first place—true love, sacrificial love. Finally, it’s this kind of love that compels us to take this story and share it with those around us who are desperate and hurting. This is the only hope of the world, but it’s a profoundly shareable one.

If we can each wrap our minds and hearts around these seven core values, then we will care about the same deep things and be able to truly live life together. All of us will grow in our capacity to function as part of Redemption Church and together accomplish our mission here in Houston – to know Christ and make Him known.


Come join us! You'll be surprised how much you'll learn.