Redemption Church Flood Relief Efforts

As a start, we'd like to help as many of our neighbors as possible in the early-stage recovery efforts. Many of us from Redemption would like to help, and several churches from nearby cities have offered to send crews down to help as well.

So if you need help or know someone who does, please let us know. We are organizing crews to help with flood cleanup in the coming days. We hope to help by removing damaged items, gutting houses, and cutting trees.

We may also have other assistance to provide, and we will post updates as that information becomes available.

"I need help or know someone who does."

If someone needs emergency help, rescue, or medical attention, please call 911 or the coast guard.

A place to stay? Cleanup help? Any other needs, physical, emotional, spiritual, otherwise?

"I am interested in helping if I can."

We need physical help. We're also raising money. You can give here by selecting "flood relief" in the drop down.

I'd like to help by