Kid Dedication will be during our September 29th worship service

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We'd love for you and your family to participate. Here are the steps to make that happen:

  1. Submit the sign-up form below.

  2. Sunday, September 8th after service we will shoot a quick video of you and your child playing together as well as a short parent interview where you can share your hopes and prayers for your child. Lunch will be provided.

  3. Sunday, September 29th we'll have all the families who are dedicating kids on stage before the sermon. We'll play the video interviews, say a blessing and prayer over you, and commit to coming alongside you in helping your child know the grace of Jesus.

  4. You will get a small gift and a copy of the video as a keepsake. Our hope is that they'll serve as a way to remember this special day when you and your church have expressed such profound hopes for your child.

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Explanation of Kid Dedication

Dedicating your children to God is primarily an act of prayer. You'll end up on stage, with a sweet video, maybe with your family and friends in attendance, but your primary audience is God. We're pleading with Him on behalf of our kids, asking for His mercy, asking Him to make the life-changing grace of Jesus a tangible reality to them.

You'll probably pray prayers like this many times during your kids' lives, but this particular Sunday, we do it together in hopes that our entire church family will partner together to point our kids to Jesus. Our church is a church committed to experiencing Jesus' grace, and we think there's no better way to love a child than to raise them in a grace-filled, Jesus-glorifying, shalom-pursuing community.


Is there an age limit for dedication? 

  • Nope! Many of our participants will be dedicating babies. But we love to include older children too.

Do I have to be a member of Redemption Church for my child to be dedicated? 

  • If you're new to Redemption, we'd love for you to participate in this with us. Given the nature of the day—the commitments we're making, the prayers we're praying, and such—our expectation is that everyone dedicating their child with us is an active part of our church body here. If that's not yet you, let's change that! We'd love to help you be a part of us, regardless of where you're coming from.

Is kid dedication like infant baptism? 

  • Many Christian traditions baptize infants in hopes that one day they'll grow up to have faith in our living God. Their baptism is a request for God's grace on the child and a commitment by the church and family to raise the child to know Christ. In that sense, kid dedication is a lot like infant baptism. However, we don't use any water and don't call it baptism because we don't want our kids to be confused. No one is born a Christian, and dedicating our kids doesn't make them Christians. We hope and desperately pray that they one day will be—and when they express a personal faith in Christ, we will happily baptize them as our new Christian brothers and sisters.