Mission: Our Ultimate Goal

Everything we hope to accomplish is summed up in our motto. It is printed on every page of our website, and we hope it will eventually be imprinted in the mind of every person who is a part of Redemption Church.

Christ in Me

We would be fools not to care whether Christ had been formed in ourselves. More than anything else in this world, we long to have Christ in us in order that we might be resurrected together with Him. From the founders to the leadership to newcomers at Redemption, we want everyone to pay very close attention to whether they are in Christ. If we do not know Him, anything else we do is a waste of time.

Christ in You

We also care deeply about whether or not the other people around us in Redemption Church are in Christ. The most loving thing we can do is push each other to know and love the Lord because it’s in Him that we find life, meaning, healing, and joy. We want to do all we can to make sure that none of the people around us in Redemption proclaim faith in a Jesus they don’t really know.

Christ in All

Finally, besides caring whether Christ is in me and Christ is in you, our desire is that Christ would be formed in all people. It brings us great sadness to think that any of the lost around us—the lost, blind, hurting, spiritually dead, and rebellious—will not ever come to know Jesus, their only hope. So we will do everything in our power to minimize their number. The good news announcement about Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation, and we, as Christ's body, have been sent by the Father on the Son's mission to the world by the Holy Spirit. So we proclaim Christ eagerly, expecting lives all around us to be changed by the Spirit of grace.

The Hope of Glory

After dying on the cross, Jesus was gloriously resurrected. He now has a new physical body and is the first member of a new kind of humanity. When He returns, all those who are His will join Him in this new glorified humanity. Resurrection, the redemption of our bodies, and the renewal of all creation is our ultimate hope. This glory is the hope and reason for our mission.

Core Values: Our Foundation

Jesus, the God-man

Everything starts with Jesus. He’s not just any Jesus (there are lots of those), but He’s the eternal Son of God, who’s just like His Father in every way. He’s the One who created us in the first place, and He became like us in order to transform us. He died for us, physically resurrected, and is coming back for us. This Jesus is the only hope of the world.



Transformative Grace

Free transformation, not because of our own hard work, our own bright ideas, our good intentions, or anything else we might conjure up. Free transformation, not transformation as a reward, payback, or any kind of wage—this transformation is only a gift. We are crazy about the bits and pieces of this transformation we’ve already seen. And we’ll do almost anything to see more.

We want to see absolutely free forgiveness begin to transform our own lives, the lives of those around us, and the entire city of Houston. God is already at work, and we want to be a part of it.


Essential Truth

Christianity is founded on a small but essential kernel of teachings that Jesus taught. In its most basic form, this kernel is that Jesus the God-man came from heaven to become human for us sinful humans, died for us, got up for us, and is coming back for us. This is essential in the sense that without knowing it, you cannot properly relate to God, and if you are not properly related to God, the source of all life, you can do nothing but die. The primary focus of all our living and teaching revolves around this faith that Jesus delivered to his followers. It’s this same faith that is the point of the whole Bible, that the early church believed and defended, and that all Christians everywhere have always believed.


Deep Spirituality

Humanity was created to live in relationship with its Maker. Because of humanity’s rebellion, this relationship has been severed, but because of the blood of Jesus Christ, we have the opportunity once again to approach God the Father by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Humans long for deep spirituality—we celebrate that and will play our part in offering truly deep spirituality in the Holy Spirit. We do not defend or celebrate lifeless intellectual propositions. We defend and celebrate the way to Life, and every time we gather, we expect the Holy Spirit to continue transforming us.


Authentic Relationships

Jesus did not die just to give us a personal, private relationship with God. He died to fix all that is wrong with the world. We don’t yet see everything fixed, but we will. For now, we do what we can to participate in the new world order that has partially begun. As part of that, we live with each other in new kinds of relationships. Instead of being ruled by self-interested hiding, our relationships are characterized by honesty and forgiveness.

God’s grace through Jesus means we no longer have anything to prove, so we’re free to be ourselves. We need each other, and we’re fighting to have the relationships we were made for.


Sacrificial Love

The love that we celebrate is more than strong feelings—it is the love that was modeled by Jesus the God-man. He died for us, and now we want to love each other, even though it means abandoning our own interests for the sake of others.




Shareable Hope

The hope we have, that Jesus will eventually return to finish transforming this entire world, is not for us only. This is the hope of the world. Not everyone knows that this is true hope, but a large part of the transformation we want to see, in the lives around us here in Houston, will come as those around us come to make our hope their hope. As the church, we are a worshiping community that embodies the presence of Christ in the world, so we will work tirelessly, night and day, caring nothing for rest or comfort, as long as there are hurting people around us in need of our Savior.