[Sing a New Song] - Images

by Mike Haskew

Verse 1
O God you made all of creation
Your hand made everything we see
And after every other creature
You said, "Let us make one like me"
You gave us life, gave us a garden
You give us everything we need
Instead we all chose separation
It took your blood to set us free

No slave nor free
No Jew nor Greek
No man and woman
We are one, we are one

You made us like you
Make us more like you

Verse 2
You made us all your image bearers
Every color race and creed
Together once, we built a tower
Since then we're all just babbling
You made us all to be together
To live in real humility
The more diverse all of our pieces
The more of You we get to see

Open our hearts, help us look around
Show us the lost that you have found
Hands in the air, feet on the ground
God, add more voices to this sound

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